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SELLect Sales Icon Hiring Sales Professionals

Great sales professionals can be a company’s greatest asset. They are the revenue engine of an organization, and without the right people and talent on board, a company cannot succeed.

Unfortunately over one-third of the individuals on sales teams are in the wrong role. The problem baffles executives who thought they did everything right when interviewing a candidate. The resume looked good, the references checked out and the warm fuzzy moment of really liking and connecting with the individual occurred. A few months later, the promise of a Sales Superman has been replaced with the reality of a mild-mannered Clark Kent.

Hiring sales managers can be equally challenging. Great sales people don’t always have the skills or attributes to become great sales managers. The general wisdom is that if a person has been successful at selling, the same person will naturally be able to transfer his skill set and create a team of sales superstars. The challenge occurs because salespeople frequently are unable to transition from achieving results through individual expertise, motivation and effort to achieving results through the performance of others.

SELLect Sales screens and evaluates sales people and managers for their ability to get the job done. Effective evaluations must include work experience, specific skill sets, behavior styles, workplace motivators, and sales/sales management competencies as they relate to each company’s culture, market position, management structure and overall goals and objectives. Simply put, a Sales Rock Star from a Fortune 500 business may or may not be able to achieve the same type of results in a start-up or early growth stage company.

We use:

  • Online Behavior Assessments
  • Online Workplace Motivators Assessments
  • Phone interview screenings
  • Personal interviews
  • Sales skill set evaluations
  • Audio practice sessions


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