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Interim Sales Management

Interim sales management services in Austin, TX, allows a company to engage a professional sales manager when the business is in transition. At SELLectSales, we address the typical transition points through sales consulting. These points include:

  • The company has added sales people to the team, but the principal doesn’t have the time or expertise to personally manage sales
  • A company is in an M & A play, and the current sales management or VP of Sales role is vacant
  • The structure of a company has changed and  a more disciplined sales performance management approach is needed
  • There is no real sales management process in place and the sales team is under-performing goals
  • The company needs interim sales management direction and disciplines for a short amount of time while searching for a permanent sales manager or VP
  • A company isn’t ready for a full-time sales manager, but could benefit from a part-time sales management resource

If these points sound like your needs regarding interim sales management in Austin, TX, contact us today. Our sales consulting staff is ready to help.


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