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Amy Hardin is the nation’s leading voice in the New ABC’s of Selling – Authentic Business Conversations ©. As one of the top sales motivational speakers, Amy brings a fresh perspective and high energy to sales conferences and kick-off meetings.

Her passion is to enable sales teams to differentiate themselves as strategic partners and advisors with their clients and prospects. Amy’s jam-packed delivery and lively interaction with her audience inspire sales teams and their leadership to make relevant changes. Her sales training and insights range from tactical to strategic and can be implemented immediately, delivering a tangible impact on revenue and sales performance.

The best sales speakers not only deliver engaging and inspiring content, but also provide an interactive learning environment. Amy’s unique blend of keynote speaking and workshop-style learning has earned her high praise as one of the best sales training speakers in the business today.

Amy speaks to and trains national and international sales teams. She has brought her SELLect Selling System and sales expertise to sales teams across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and other Asia Pacific countries.

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“Amy delivers a tsunami of bonafide sales, team building and strategic avenues to ensure success. Her dynamic style full of factual data and proven solutions is outstanding. You would be foolish to not invite her to speak to your group. With more than 30 years in sales/sales management, she is without a doubt the best I’ve seen yet and I have seen about all of them!”

If you want to leverage that sales driven, motivational keynote speech into powerful, effective change, ask yourself, “What message does your sales team most desperately need to hear? What questions are my key staff struggling with?” If your organization is like many of the organizations we’ve helped, those questions include:

  • Is our team capable of delivering the results we demand?
  • When hiring, how do we spot the performers from the presenters?
  • Why aren’t we getting enough new opportunities through the door?
  • How can we implement a sales strategy that will turn our aggressive business plan into real-world business success?

Amy Hardin, Founder and CEO of SELLect Sales Development and SELLect Multimedia, as your next keynote speaker.

Your Keynote Speaker: Amy Hardin

Amy understands your concerns because she’s been where you are. Before founding SELLect Sales Development, she earned her stripes in multiple industries as a nationally-renowned, award-winning sales trainer and manager. Her 20 years of experience in the sales training and management spotlight include a wealth of expertise as a speaker.

Amy can address many of the common frustrations faced by sales and marketing teams. Her dynamic keynote speeches shed light on common stumbling blocks while introducing stunning solutions. Your team will pick up some of the critical, fundamental precepts of the SELLect SELLing System, our proprietary blend of sound sales fundamentals and behavioral changes designed to optimize individual performance and organizational effectiveness. You’ll gain valuable new insights into:

  • How to pinpoint the right talent for your sales and marketing
  • How to mate that top-flight talent with your company policies and processes
  • How to create a sales strategy that delivers sustainable, measurable growth

Light the Fuse That Triggers Explosive Sales and Marketing

If you’re looking to turn your next event into a genuine turning point for your organization, start with a keynote speaker who can turn your sales and marketing around. Contact SELLect Sales Development today to schedule Amy Hardin as the next great thing to happen to your company.