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Effective Sales Manager Training Courses

Management and leadership of a sales team represent an enormous challenge in business. Typically, sales management issues occur because:

  • A top sales producer is promoted, but his sales skill set doesn’t translate to a sales leadership role. The usual expectation is that a great sales professional can be promoted to Sales Manager and will be able to create a lot of Mini Me’s. Nothing could be further from the truth.
  • An equally perplexing problem occurs when companies are transitioning from a principal-led sales model. A decision to hire a sales person or team results in an unintentional promotion of the principal to Sales Manager. Often these principals have sold successfully through passion and conviction, but are at a loss to provide direction beyond “Here’s what I would do…”
  • An executive from another part of the business inherited the sales team and the role of VP of Sales or Sales Manager, but was never provided with the sales manager training or direction to succeed
  • Sales strategy hasn’t been well defined, so the company is always trying something new in hopes of achieving revenue goals
  • There is no sales methodology or process and the manager is managing everybody differently
  • No structured on-boarding process, sales manager training or sales meetings are in place
  • The Executive Team has a limited sales background and has difficulty defining deliverables, evaluating results and providing accountability for sales leadership.

Texas sales management training programs

Sales Management Training from REAL Experts

SELLect Sales Development understands the challenges and provides sales management mentoring and development. Instead of requiring a sales manager or principal to give up a half day or full day each month to sit in sales manager training classes learning sales management theory and concept, SELLect takes a hands-on approach. As a one-on-one resource, we provide on-the-job training and sales management mentoring. How we help:

  • Design and run your weekly sales meetings
  • Collaborate on compensation planning
  • Create a structured interview process for hiring
  • Sit in on sales webinars and sales presentations
  • Provide pre-call planning
  • Debrief sales calls
  • Provide ride-along support to sales team
  • Create accountability
  • Teach coaching and mentoring skills
  • Identify your sales team’s key performance indicators
  • Define metrics to track and measure your team’s performance
  • Create a consistent sales approach and process
  • Troubleshoot sales problems
  • Eliminate toxic “sales maverick” behaviors
  • Align sales and marketing objectives
  • Create effective sales on-boarding process
  • Provide coaching for difficult conversations
  • Provide direction to “manage out” unproductive sales resources
  • Create effective prospecting plans to achieve your team’s collective and individual sales goals
  • Create a sales culture that reflects your company’s values and principles
  • Engage in short-term and long-term planning with tactical and strategic approaches

Sales Management Mentoring in Austin, TX, allows a real-time transfer of sales management competencies in a collaborative approach which is focused on your company’s objectives.

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