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While most sales training firms want to implement a one-size-fits-all training program, SELLect Sales understands that the training is secondary to the Strategy and Structure that a business must implement to be successful. Our sales training company regularly consults with a company’s Executive Team to define and refine the sales strategy that will support the company’s goals and objectives.

Challenges that Our Sales Strategy Consulting Helps You Overcome

Typical challenges that require a review and evaluation of current strategy are:

  • Our company has an aggressive business plan and needs help implementing a sales strategy and process that will achieve the revenue, growth, and profit objectives
  • We are unsure if sales and marketing are aligned to deliver the results we need
  • Our company has been successful in a business-to-consumer model but needs to shift its focus to a business-to-business model (or vice versa)
  • We are pursuing an M&A strategy, but have no way to effectively evaluate the sales team resources or incorporate disparate sales structures and compensation plans.
  • We have questions about the optimum structure for our sales team.—Inside sales, outside sales, direct sales, channel partners, or a combination? What skill sets should we hire first? Do we need to separate the hunter role from the farmer role?
  • We have questions about which territories, verticals or Ideal Client Personas we should target
  • We know we need to invest in sales resources, but are worried about how we should invest our money
  • Is Sales and Marketing aligned with product development plans and operational capacity?
  • What is the best lead generation strategy? How do we measure progress and success?
  • Our company is uncertain if the current sales structure and process support our sales strategy
  • Could a matrix sales structure help us achieve our revenue objectives?
  • We need a strategy to penetrate new and/or evolving market segments
  • How should our compensation plans be structured? Do we reward the right behaviors?
  • The executive team doesn’t have a strong sales background
  • We don’t know our strategy
  • We are an entrepreneurial company that needs strategic sales planning and leadership

Strategy and planning can be delivered as part of an ongoing coaching or training program or through sales consulting sessions with one or all members of the executive team.


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