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This sales training session is exactly what the name implies: A JUMP START of sales best practices that you can implement immediately. This full-day training is designed to jump start your sales results by focusing on the steps of a successful selling process as well as high-impact skills and techniques.  This session is for seasoned sales professionals, sales managers, company presidents and CEO’s who need a fresh approach and perspective to move results to a new level.  It is also effective for the newcomer to sales who needs to implement an effective selling process.

The day focuses on prospecting and pursuit skills, strategic relationship building and positioning, pre-call planning, effective and rapid qualification of opportunities, gaining commitment from prospects, handling investment conversations, identifying buying processes and closing.  Additional skills are taught to give the sales professional:

  • control of the sales process
  • differentiation from competitors
  • a consultative sales approach that focuses on Authentic Business Conversations
  • the ability to sell on value instead of haggling over price
  • shorter sales cycles
  • highly effective sales calls
  • the ability to execute strong solution and decision meetings with higher closing ratios
  • consistent and improved sales results

The session also includes a training workbook and a  personal sales assessment with analysis and insights into your behavior style and motivators for accelerated results.



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What our clients say

Shortly after launching a company designed to grow through a selective acquisition strategy, we engaged Amy to build, manage and develop our sales team. Within four years we had a very successful exit, with the acquiring company attributing great value to our sales culture, discipline and results. Without question, I credit the bulk of that to Amy’s efforts and will be forever grateful to her for the impact she had on our valuation.

Carey Balzer  //  CEO/Founder White Glove Technologies, now mindSHIFT Technologies, Inc.
Amy is one of the most talented and capable advisors I’ve ever worked with. Her ability to identify high performance sales people, combined with her experience in training these individuals to reach even higher levels of success is remarkable. Working with her has transformed my business and made my life so much easier.

Pete Monfre // CEO, Clarity Marketing Support, Inc.
I asked Amy to speak to our “C” level business finance Meetup group recently on the topic of top attributes of high performing sales people. Amy Hardin has to be one of the most dynamic and energetic public speakers in Austin. Her presentation was 100% on target. She clearly understands the profile of highly effective sales people (she calls them “revenue rock-stars” and knows how to explain it to “C” level execs as well as train sales people to achieve their highest level of performance.

Sam Thacker // ABJ Entrepreneur
Amy is an amazing sales trainer. She has extensive experience in both selling and sales training. She has not only knowledge, but context from which she gives relevant examples for any sales situation. She is entertaining and fun to work with. She is a master at using the right training approach for the right topic so that her students both learn and retain what she teaches.

Mike Hawkins // President, Alpine Link Corporation
I started seeing bottom line benefits from working with Amy almost immediately.  She is knowledgeable and sharp,  and her sales system is practical, realistic and completely comprehensive.  I would recommend her without reservation to anyone looking to shorten sales cycles, improve close ratios, and add to their bottom line.

Ragen Chastain // Executive Director, Body Positive Dance
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amy nearly non-stop for the last 5 years. It’s difficult to articulate just how good Amy is. She simply can’t be stumped when it comes to sales challenges, and always has a solution that you’ll feel comfortable applying. The level of integrity and ethics that she brings to every one of her interactions is beyond reproach. It’s truly an honor to call Amy a friend, and she is more than worthy of my highest level of recommendation.

Scott Ingram // CEO/Founder
Because of Amy, I learned how to sell my engineering services and to enjoy marketing myself. I am so thankful that Amy has taught me so much, I will always be thankful.

Matt B. Phelps // P.E., R.S.