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This sales training session is exactly what the name implies: A JUMP START of sales best practices that you can implement immediately. This full-day training is designed to jump start your sales results by focusing on the steps of a successful selling process as well as high-impact skills and techniques.  This session is for seasoned sales professionals, sales managers, company presidents and CEO’s who need a fresh approach and perspective to move results to a new level.  It is also effective for the newcomer to sales who needs to implement an effective selling process.

The day focuses on prospecting and pursuit skills, strategic relationship building and positioning, pre-call planning, effective and rapid qualification of opportunities, gaining commitment from prospects, handling investment conversations, identifying buying processes and closing.  Additional skills are taught to give the sales professional:

  • control of the sales process
  • differentiation from competitors
  • a consultative sales approach that focuses on Authentic Business Conversations
  • the ability to sell on value instead of haggling over price
  • shorter sales cycles
  • highly effective sales calls
  • the ability to execute strong solution and decision meetings with higher closing ratios
  • consistent and improved sales results

The session also includes a training workbook and a  personal sales assessment with analysis and insights into your behavior style and motivators for accelerated results.


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