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SELLect Sales Development provides customized corporate sales and sales management training programs. For sustainable, measurable results you must address Strategy, Structure, People and Skills. The first step is interviews and collaboration with the executive team and key players to identify goals, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for growth, competitive position, target market, customer profiles, industry and economic trends.

Next, a customized training approach is created which:

  • Identifies and reinforces best practices
  • Targets gaps in strategy and tactics
  • Identifies key performance indicators
  • Creates a sales process that can be replicated and coached
  • Develops and perfects assertive, consultative selling skills
  • Differentiates your company from competitors
  • Shortens sales cycles
  • Eliminates selling on price (Commodity Mindset)
  • Uses a Partner-Advisor approach to selling
  • Instills a sales culture in your organization
  • Addresses the correct Activities, Beliefs and Skills necessary for a top-producing team

Stand-alone seminars, workshops and talks can also be created for:

  • Multiple day events for national or regional sales meetings
  • Half-day workshops to address specific sales challenges
  • Recurring on-site training seminars
  • Webinar-style trainings for geographically distributed sales teams
  • Association / industry events
  • Keynotes

Customized Seminars and Workshops include topics such as:

  • Cold Calling Secrets and Skills
  • Partner-Advisor Selling –Positioning Yourself on the Relationship Curve?
  • Controlling the Sales Call –What To Do When Good Prospects Do Bad Things
  • Cold Emails that Get Results
  • Defining and Targeting Ideal Client Personas
  • Behavior Style Selling –How to Read Your Prospects and Adjust Your Selling Style
  • Gaining Commitment from Your Buyer
  • Creating Urgency in the Sales Call
  • Uncovering Investment Capabilities
  • Selling to Multiple Decision Makers
  • Your Prospect’s Buying Process
  • Selling Through Webinars, Seminars and Presentations
  • Utilizing the Principles of Influence
  • Close More Deals –How To Present Your Solution and Get a Decision
  • 10-Touch Pursuit Campaigns
  • Questioning Techniques –Ask Questions Like a Lawyer
  • Eliminating Stalls and Objections
  • Addressing the Top Dysfunctions of Sales Professionals
  • Cold Calling and Call Reluctance
  • Voicemail Tool Kit—Why Don’t Prospects Call Me Back?
  • Getting Past Gatekeepers
  • Eliminating Buyer’s Remorse
  • What To Do When Prospects Go Dark
  • Your Personal Prospecting Plan
  • Deconstructing the Sales Call
  • Psychology of Buyers
  • Pre-Call Planning
  • 30-Second Commercials –Are You Putting Your Prospects to Sleep?
  • Negotiating



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